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If I have questions about art or commissions where do I go?

Just send me a email via the contacts page and I will get back to you as so as possible.

What camera was used for the photography?

The camera model used was a Canon Rebel T6i.

What do you charge for commission if accepted?

Tattoo concepts: start at $20 and go up based on detail and time taken. Photo prints: $10 Pencil sketches: $100+ Pen sketches: $150+ Persona (MLP) $60+ if digital $15+ if sketch

If I have a screen resolution not listed what do I do?

If your screen is not listed here go to contacts and send a email and state your screen size and a quote will be given. If you have dual screens ie: 1024x786 x2 it will cost $20 instead of $10.

Where do I request Twitch commissions?

Just make a request though the contact form with what you want done and any other details with the package you wish to have made for you.

I made a Twitch commission purchase why havent I recieved my art?

Make sure you have given sufficiant information through the contact form. If you have do not hesitate to send me messages on progress updates and photos!

Frequently asked questions

Where should I park?

Alden Biesen's visitor car park is located opposite the moated castle, at the intersection of Roelants du Vivierlaan and Kasteelstraat. For GPS location please enter the following address: Roelants du Vivierlaan, 3740 Bilzen

Are there any electric charging stations available?

If you drive an electric car, you can use four public charging stations in the visitor car park. Please do not park your car in this car park unnecessarily if charging is not necessary.


The paths within the domain have been made accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. With a few exceptions, most of the rooms on the domain, the moated castle and the church are already accessible, as is the walkway between the orchards.

Are dogs allowed on the domain?

Outside on the domain your dog is allowed to accompany you on a leash, except in the French gardens, the church and the castle. Assistance dogs are of course welcome everywhere. We do ask you to respect the cleanliness of the domain.

These guidelines sometimes change for events organised by other organisations. If you have any questions about this, please contact the event organisers.

Where can I find information about events?

The public events can be conveniently found on the calendar page.

Can I organize an event myself at Alden Biesen?

Every year about 500 events take place at Alden Biesen, ranging from small meetings to large festivals. Would you like to organize something with your company or association at Alden Biesen, please feel free to contact the congress staff. They can best be reached via the application form or via email

Photography and recordings

You are allowed to take pictures for private use. Communion, spring festival and wedding photos that are not intended for commercial purposes can therefore be taken without prior permission. However, any photo shoots for commercial usage needs to be approved and booked accordingly.

It is not possible to take pictures inside the castle.

For commercial photo shoots, e.g. the use of drones, you always need prior permission. Please contact congrescentrumaldenbiesen@vlaanderen.be or +32 89 51 93 93.


On the domain itself and in the gardens are accessible free of charge; however, on certain event days you may be asked to pay an entrance fee to enter the site and/or certain parts of the domain.

Can I spend the night with a camper van in the parking lot?

It is allowed to park your camper for 1 night for free on the visitor car park. However, there are no facilities for water, electricity or sanitary available. For several nights you have to move to the centre of Bilzen. There is a motorhome parking situated at the Lanakerdij. More info can be found here.

Use of drones above the domain of Alden Biesen (including orchards)

All drone usage, regardless of size, need prior permission to fly above Alden Biesen. This includes all of the orchards, parks and gardens. A written request must be submitted in advance. Only after explicit approval can recordings be made. Please contact:

Patrick Cornelissen

Land Commandery Alden Biesen

Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen

Can I eat/drink something on or around Alden Biesen?

There are several catering establishments on or next to the domain. Click here for more info.

Do I need to book my visit?

No, you don't need to book anything for your visit. You are free to visit our domain, including our French garden and English park. If there are any events organised, it is possible you need to book your visit. However, this will be mentioned in our calendar if necessary.