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Do you already know Alden Biesen? Get to know our organisation and discover what we stand for. We would like to introduce our partners to you, as well as the recognitions we have received. Would you like more information about one of the partners? Click on the logo and visit their website.

Reflecting on more than 800 years of history and numerous fascinating storylines, Alden Biesen takes up the challenge - in an ever-changing visitor landscape - to attract and organise activities within the culture and business segment. It is our ambition to support and co-write the new stories of organisations that choose our heritage site for their (promotional) framework.

As a Flemish government institution, Alden Biesen focuses on adaptiveness and customer friendliness, and stands for authenticity, quality and soundness. A broadly-based, participative and quality experience is central to this. Through these core values we reinforce the current operation, but at the same time we welcome innovation, and offer space to organisers who want to help push our boundaries.

Alden Biesen is an independent entity of the Flemish Government under the Department of Culture, Youth and Media.




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