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Today, Alden Biesen is one of the largest castle domains and an inspiring site for cultural and conference events. Every year, we receive a quarter of a million visitors from home and abroad during the more than 500 activities that take place. Public events can be found in our calendar.

Storytelling, Music and more 


As one of the most prestigious headquarters of the Teutonic Order, these buildings have heard many epic stories told by knights, priests, pages, kings, ambassadors and workers who have stayed or visited here over the centuries. Afterwards, via the same knights and merchants, these stories were told in all corners of Europe where the Knight's Order was active.


Today, Alden Biesen continues this tradition with numerous storytelling activities. From the International Storytelling Festival, to Winter Magic and Tales in the Park; from workshops to lectures, from storytelling walks to audio guides; there is always a good story to listen to at Alden Biesen. In addition, music plays an important role and there are numerous concerts, classes and workshops on various musical genres. You will find these and more publicly accessible events in our programme calendar below.

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