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Food & drinks

Enjoy typical food bites, a local beer, apple juice from the standard orchards and the hospitality of Limburg. there are countless reasons to take a seat at a table in one of the catering establishments in our neighbourhood.


The 17th-century Gasthuis is a nostalgic eatery with local beers and a menu full of classics from the region’s culinary history.

Fact - Originally this former guesthouse was a school for local youth in 1616. About 100 years later it became an inn for craftsmen, shopkeepers and visitors. Today it is an ideal place for a drink, a small snack or a typical Flemish or Belgian classic.


The gatehouse used to be the residence of the gatekeeper. Nowadays, it is a cosy brasserie with authentic dishes.

Fact - This gatehouse used to be the main entrance to the Land Commandery Alden Biesen. Upon arrival you had a splendid view of the lower land commandery, an entrance that made an impression and still does so today.

Are you looking for something different or do you want to explore Bilzen further? Visit Bilzen offers a clear overview of the different eating places in the area.

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