2020 - Once upon a time... The Grimm brothers & their fairy tales

Two hundred years ago, The Grimm fairy tales were translated in Dutch for the very first time. In our castle you can meet Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, Puss in boots and many others. Admire original images and first editions, as well as other objects.


2018 & 2019 - Limburg tussen staf en troon. 1.000 jaar graafschap Loon

Alden Biesen was born after a donation by the Count of Loon to the Teutonic Order. County Loon's millennium celebration was a unique opportunity to put this ancient and unprecedented feudal entity in the spotlight. With more than 300 pieces from home and abroad, the exhibition introduced the visitor to all aspects of this count's dynasty through the centuries.

Graafschap Loon.jpg

2018 - Keramiek te kijk

Ceramics are timeless, but have never been as versatile as today. There is no material as diverse as clay, the basic material for ceramics. Contemporary ceramists from home and abroad surprised visitors with new creative expressions of their fascination and love for working with clay.

Keramiek te kijk.jpg

2017 - Aquarelsalon in Alden Biesen

More than 150 watercolor paintings from home and abroad stood out for their technical performance and artistic qualities. Watercolor was a means for the artists to convey delicacy, a special treatment of light and an intriguing idiosyncrasy to the sheet.


2016 - 8 Limburgse academies voor beeldende kunsten in Alden Biesen

The tension between the past and present of Alden Biesen formed the starting point of the eight Limburg academies for visual arts for a current art exhibition. Numerous works of art and art genres were shown beautifully. The exhibited works of art subtly confirm the historical framework or enter into a fascinating dialogue with it.

2016 - De muren spreken

"De muren spreken" was a confrontation between walls and words. 55 Words were presented by 55 people who had a special connection with the Italian language. They each handed one Italian word, each time with a short explanation. Their words were then shaped by 55 calligraphers Finally, the 55 calligraphed words were digitally placed on 55 carefully selected photographs of Italian walls.

2015 - Één grote familie

"Een grote familie" was an exhibition about descent, connectedness and evolution. Belgian and international artists such as Fred Bervoets, Wim Delvoye, Koen Vanmechelen, Delphine Boël, Marcel Broodthaers and many others hold up a mirror to us in their art of our DNA, our past and our family feelings.