In order to open up the heritage site, exhibitions are organised on a regular basis. Numerous well-known artists such as Koen Van Mechelen have already exhibited at Alden Biesen. 


2020 will be marked by 800 years of Alden Biesen and the 200th anniversary of the Dutch translation of Grimm's Fairytales. This exhibition ran until 31 August.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our autumn exhibition 'Rise and Fall', because of the current situation around Covid-19. In 2021 we will commemorate the fire at the castle of Alden Biesen, which happened 50 years ago. We have an exhibition planned for the summer of 2021. So keep an eye out on our calendar to know when it will take place.


Do you have a specific question about exhibitions or do you want to contact our exhibition coordinator? Please contact Pat Vincent

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