Would you like to learn how to tell stories to your children, grandchildren or the children in your class? Every year, Storytelling Castle Alden Biesen and the Vertelacademie Nederland (Storytelling Academy Holland) organise two introductory storytelling courses, including one night at the Storytelling Castle. An annual follow-up course and various workshops will be added in the near future. Thanks to this collaboration, we will soon be able to offer the same certified four-year storytelling training currently only found in Utrecht and, partly, in Zwolle.

How to become a storyteller?

The topic of the starter course is creative storytelling. This involves putting your own spin on an existing story. This training covers the basics of storytelling.

The starter course takes place over two weekends, from Saturday morning till Sunday evening. The course periods always coincide with one of the major storytelling events at Alden Biesen. This means participants can benefit from a professional and international storytelling context.

Storytelling Castle

Storytelling Castle

Storytelling Castle Alden Biesen positions itself as a centre of expertise for the art of storytelling in Flanders and Europe. Under that heading, the Land Commandery is the motor behind a host of activities that put the art of storytelling in the picture: the International Storytelling Festival, Stories in the Park, FEST, Sheherazade and TALES.

International Storytelling Festival

The International Storytelling Festival is a unique multilingual storytelling festival that is very popular in Flemish education circles and among Flemish and Dutch story lovers. A mix of Flemish, Walloon and international storytellers recount their own tales, stories by famous and lesser-known authors as well as traditional tales. All genres are featured and there’s something for every age category.