The art of telling stories is seeing a revival. More and more libraries and cultural centres are programming storytelling performances, the art of storytelling is gaining popularity in various areas including educational circles and the social sector, and an increasing number of storytellers are trying to build a professional career. Alden Biesen Storytelling Castle supports this revival through several initiatives.

The art of storytelling in Flanders

Where in Flanders can you attend storytelling performances? Where can you find a storyteller? Where can you enrol in workshops or courses on the subject? How can you introduce storytelling techniques in your curriculum or training activities? You will find an answer to these questions and more on the Vertellen in Vlaanderen (Storytelling in Flanders) website.

The art of storytelling in Europe

Thanks to the International Storytelling Festival, Alden Biesen has become a unique meeting place for professional storytellers from a host of countries and language groups. Gradually it became apparent that an international network on the art of storytelling was indispensable and this led to the establishment of the European Federation for Storytelling, with its headquarters in Alden Biesen.

Storytelling for adults

Sheherazade, 1001 Stories for Adult Learning, is a European Grundtvig project that introduces the magic of storytelling in formal and non-formal adult education. The project focuses on the linguistic, (multi)cultural and social aspects of stories and storytelling. Amongst others it is aimed at helping adult immigrants and newcomers develop creativity, communication & foreign language skills in order to build competencies for inclusion.

For two years, the European partners, under the direction of Alden Biesen, cooperated in the research into and the development of a theoretical background and methodology; every participating country collected best practices, set up pilot projects and held study days. The project resulted in a manual and international course material.

Storytelling for children and youths

Alden Biesen coordinates the TALES project (Tales And Learning in European Schools). TALES aims to develop new methods and didactic material for using tales and storytelling techniques in the learning process at school.

Having pupils use tales and storytelling techniques is a unique way of stimulating their creativity and developing their social, emotional and artistic skills. For teachers, tales and storytelling techniques are key didactic instruments because introducing content in the form of tales and narratives makes for a more efficient transfer of knowledge.

Storytelling Castle

Storytelling Castle

Storytelling Castle Alden Biesen positions itself as a centre of expertise for the art of storytelling in Flanders and Europe. Under that heading, the Land Commandery is the motor behind a host of activities that put the art of storytelling in the picture: the International Storytelling Festival, Stories in the Park, FEST, Sheherazade and TALES.

International Storytelling Festival

The International Storytelling Festival is a unique multilingual storytelling festival that is very popular in Flemish education circles and among Flemish and Dutch story lovers. A mix of Flemish, Walloon and international storytellers recount their own tales, stories by famous and lesser-known authors as well as traditional tales. All genres are featured and there’s something for every age category.