Together with Organum, we are bringing to life the historic Van Peteghem organ (1788) in various concerts and other music events. Organum invites highly regarded organists to perform. In addition, they compose surprising programs in which the organ enters into dialogue with other instruments, singers, dancers and actors.


International summer academy Alden Biesen / Tongeren / Sint-Truiden

Internationally renowned teachers are supported by various coaches for individual training (voice training, instrumental training - baroque violin, baroque cello, traverso, baroque oboe - and organ).
The academy is open to instrumentalists, organists and singers (all voice types); professionals, music students, amateur musicians / singers with experience. The teachers are responsible for masterclasses, lectures and concerts. Participants are repeatedly given opportunities to perform at the academy (for the 3 categories). The academy concludes with a participant concert in the basilica of Tongeren. Rehearsals (choir, orchestra, chamber music) take place in the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen.
The masterclasses for organ are held on the most beautiful historical organs of the region:
Alden Biesen (Van Peteghem), Luik (Hocquet/Niehoff), Maastricht (Binvignat/Verschueren), Sint-Truiden (Ancion),Tongeren (Le Picard/Thomas), … .

Music castle

Music castle

The next two years we are developing a new cultural identity for the site. We will do this with active music education and music participation in a qualitative international context.
Alden Biesen is therefore not only a place where concerts and festivals take place. Creation, performance, training and education with innovative concepts will take place. Here will family audience, free time and music experience find each other.