Castle Europe

Europe Castle

Come to Alden Biesen’s Castle Europe and submerge yourself in the European context. Alden Biesen stands for culture, training and education in a European dimension.

We offer a broad spectrum of activities within the framework of the European Union’s educational and cultural programmes.

Europe Castle: info days and seminars

Are you a teacher in adult education and are you interested in an international collaboration for yourself and your students? Alden Biesen offers information and support through study days, project monitoring days and a helpdesk.

  • Europe classes for schools
    Europe classes for schools
  • Euroweaving
  • Het Internationaal Vertelfestival in Alden Biesen
    The audience hangs on the storyteller’s every word at the International Storytelling Festival

Learning about heritage

Through its education programmes such as Life Long Learning and Erasmus +, the European Union offers everyone the opportunity to cooperate in an international environment. For a number of years now, Alden Biesen has coordinated projects within the framework of the Comenius and Grundtvig programmes. Key themes include self-evaluation, networking, project management, validation of non-formal learning, storytelling and, of course, heritage.

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Europe classes at Alden Biesen

Pupils from 4 schools and as many EU member countries fraternise in the inspiring setting of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen. For one week, they work together and study each other’s political, social and economic viewpoints. Meanwhile they are honing their communication, social and cultural skills. The importance of these competencies cannot be overestimated in the Europe of tomorrow.

European projects for teachers

Alden Biesen has also organised a fair number of international projects within the framework of the EU’s Comenius Programme. This has resulted in innovative didactic material and a number of continuing education courses for teachers. Themes include competency-oriented education and storytelling in the classroom.

Adult education projects

GINCO, Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers, is a European network of international course organisers in formal and non-formal adult education.