Culture and Nature Castle

Bilzen, Alden Biesen and a tour of the Haspengouw region

The day starts with coffee and Bilzen pie in one of the cosiest taverns in the local market place. After a short town walk we head over to the Grand Commandery and unveil all of its secrets, followed by lunch or a short break.

In the afternoon we tour the fruit region with its countless churches, chapels and castles. Embedded in a peaceful landscape, these monuments have remained untouched. In Borgloon we visit the Helshoven chapel with its miracle statue of Our Lady. We also visit the abbey of Colen-Kerniel, known for its relic shrine of St. Odilia and the choir stall of St. Lutgardis. Both are fine examples of our national heritage.

Please note that participants must bring their own mode of transport!

Dutch tours: € 6.5/per person as of 12 persons; groups < 12 persons pay € 75
French, English and German tours: € 7/person as of 12 persons; groups < 12 persons pay € 80
Children from 6 to 12 years old - 50%

Day program

For the program outside Alden Biesen: €40/hour, payable to the guide 

Culture and Nature Castle

Culture and Nature

Alden Biesen caters to both culture and nature lovers. Discover the historic building and gardens and visit an exhibition in the moated castle. Or make the Grand Commandery your point of departure for a hearty walk or a brisk bike ride through the Haspengouw region and the Demer valley. Afterwards you can enjoy one of the many events for which the Grand Commandery sets the stage.


Delve into the eventful history of the Alden Biesen site at the visitor centre in Bilzen thanks to the permanent exhibition on the past and present of the Grand Commandery.

Culture lovers will also enjoy the temporary exhibitions in the moated castle. At the castle, the beautifully restored apartment of the Grand Commander is also open to visitors or you can stroll through the French Garden.