Culture and Nature Castle

Alden Biesen, a lovely nature walk with a guide

It’s not just the castle complex that appeals to visitors’ imaginations. Alden Biesen is also a must-see for any nature lover: hollow roads and narrow mass paths, standard orchards bordered with hawthorn hedges, marshlands and hillside woods, breathtaking panaromas lavishly sprinkled with mistletoe… In short: the Haspengouw region at its finest!

  1. The long nature walk travels along often unpaved and hollow roads. In wet weather it is advisable to wear hiking boots or wellingtons.
  2. The shorter walk sticks to easy roads and is also suited for wheelchairs and strollers.

Short guided visit (2 hrs).

Dutch tours: € 6.5/per person as of 12 persons; groups < 12 persons pay € 75
French, English and German tours: € 7/person as of 12 persons; groups < 12 persons pay € 80
Children from 6 to 12 years old - 50%

Day program

For the program outside Alden Biesen: €40/hour, payable to the guide 

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