Haspengouw landscape

Haspengouw landscape

The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen takes up a privileged position in between varying landscapes. The beautiful nature around the Demer valley contrasts sharply with the open farmland of Haspengouw’s clay plateau. The interplay of the beautiful landscapes and stately buildings makes this part of Haspengouw a delight to the eye.

Winterberg Forest, south of the English garden, is over 200 years old and it is of high nature value thanks to its varied forest structure and the presence of deadwood and typical old forest plants.

In Alden Biesen, both nature and the landscape have been given a modern, sustainable design that takes into account the estate’s cultural and historical past.

The standard orchards, forests, pastures and fields alternate with picturesque villages, square farmsteads and castles. Alden Biesen isn’t called the gateway to the castle landscape of the Haspengouw region for nothing.

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