For over thirty years now and in close collaboration with Musica, Alden Biesen has organised AlbaNova, an old music festival (formerly known as Old Music Day). Together with Organum, we are bringing to life the historic Van Peteghem organ (1788) in various concerts and other music events. Alden Biesen also hosts the Zomeropera (Summer Opera), a top event in Limburg. If you like it heavy, we’ll be looking forward to greeting you at Biesenrock and during the Scottish weekend.




From 11 August - 15 August 2015


International training for choral singers, organists and orchestra musicians with lectures, workshops, master classes and concerts in Alden Biesen, Tongeren and Sint-Truiden.

Contact and information: or +32,499 31 70 08

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At the inauguration of the restored Van Peteghem organ in 1999, the non-profit organisation Organum and Alden Biesen made a commitment to share the historic organ of the Grand Commandery with the public on a regular basis by inviting leading organists from all over the world. We also like to compile surprising programmes where the organ enters into a musical dialogue with other instruments, singers, dancers and actors. A fine example of such a surprise is the annual dew concert at the start of May that concludes with a wonderful breakfast.


The creativity of Organum knows no boundaries: in 2011 several Bach enthusiasts founded the Bach Academy Alden Biesen. Every year, vocalists, instrumentalists and choirs perform Johann Sebastian Bach. In the run-up to Easter there’s a rendition of Bach’s St. John Passion and right before Christmas there are a number of Bach’s cantatas to look forward to.

Discover the concerts of the Bach Academy Alden Biesen and book your tickets:

THE MESSIAH - G.F. HÄNDEL - 4th of October 2015

DAUWCONCERT 3 mei 2015


Midsummer Festival for creation and musical heritage

Since 1984, Musica and Alden Biesen have organised a dedicated Old Music Day. After thirty years, the formula needed tweaking. Under the name AlbaNova (the alba is an old poetry genre practised by medieval troubadours), the new concept builds a bridge between the old and the new, between musical heritage and creation.

AlbaNova keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest developments in music. International meetings and new productions in development are given a stage, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Every year, the programme is built around topical themes that strike a nerve and this always results in a strong and coherent programme.

The essence of Old Music Day hasn’t changed: the central role for musical heritage, the broad range of music, the unique and historic setting of Alden Biesen and the family atmosphere. Our traditional rendez-vous on the last Sunday of June also remains intact. The biggest novelties at AlbaNova are the development trajectories, the creation and the crowd participation.

Other music events

Alden Biesen also sets the stage of a large number of other music events and concerts e.g. the Summer Opera, Biesenrock and the Scottish weekend. Alden Biesen’s input in these events varies from the rental of our location(s) and rooms to the provision of logistical support and expertise. You can also organise your music event at Alden Biesen!

Culture and Nature Castle

Culture and Nature

Alden Biesen caters to both culture and nature lovers. Discover the historic building and gardens and visit an exhibition in the moated castle. Or make the Grand Commandery your point of departure for a hearty walk or a brisk bike ride through the Haspengouw region and the Demer valley. Afterwards you can enjoy one of the many events for which the Grand Commandery sets the stage.


Delve into the eventful history of the Alden Biesen site at the visitor centre in Bilzen thanks to the permanent exhibition on the past and present of the Grand Commandery.

Culture lovers will also enjoy the temporary exhibitions in the moated castle. At the castle, the beautifully restored apartment of the Grand Commander is also open to visitors or you can stroll through the French Garden.