Heritage should not only be seen as a topic suited for history, art or culture subjects but also as a captivating environment for competency-oriented education. AQUEDUCT - Acquiring Key Competences Through Heritage Education – is an international Comenius project aiming to improve the acquisition of key competences through heritage education and to build teacher capacity for competence oriented education in a heritage context.

AQUEDUCT involves four universities/teacher training programmes and five heritage providers from seven different countries. The confrontation of their individual visions has led to methods, guidelines and criteria for competency-based learning. Result: didactic material and a training course for teachers, initial teacher training students and teachers in primary and lower secondary education.


Alden Biesen coordinates the TALES project (Tales And Learning in European Schools). TALES aims to develop new methods and didactic material for using tales and storytelling techniques in the learning process at school.

Having pupils use tales and storytelling techniques is a unique way of stimulating their creativity and developing their social, emotional and artistic skills. For teachers, tales and storytelling techniques are key didactic instruments because introducing content in the form of tales and narratives makes for a more efficient transfer of knowledge.

PROMOTE: Promoting and Validating Key Competences in Mobility and Traineeships in Europe

Alden Biesen is a partner in PROMOTE, an Erasmus+ KA2 Knowledge Alliance project. It aims at promoting and validating social, personal and key competences such as entrepreneurship, civic competences and learning to learn in student (international) mobility and traineeships contexts.

Up to now only singular attempts have been made to assess these competences, to give evidence of their development in a learning activity, to connect them to existing certification systems and to offer a European wide validation approach.

PROMOTE will develop and pilot an approach to tackle this issue based on a long term partnership of academia, business and educational partners from all over Europe. The traineeships will involve students from 7 universities and will be carried out in businesses or enterprises in different EU member-states (students will have the opportunity to travel to other EU countries to do their placement). Each trainee has to plan, develop and assess his or her project, which is leading towards at least one of the key competences described above.

Well-proven evaluation approaches (6 LEVEL5 projects, EDUCCKATE) will be applied to assess and evidence competence development in different mobility learning environments and traineeships.

16 partners from 9 countries. Coordinator: Vilnius University (LT)

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