GINCO, Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers, is a European network of international course organisers in formal and non-formal adult education. The aims of GINCO are:

  • Increasing both the quantity and quality of adult and continuing education in Europe;
  • Establishing a professional network of actors in this regard;
  • Stimulating mutual contact and exchanging best practices, expertise and know-how.

The network’s activities are a very interesting proposition for organisations/teachers involved in adult education.


Sheherazade, 1001 Stories for Adult Learning, is a European Grundtvig project that introduces the magic of storytelling in formal and non-formal adult education. The project focuses on the linguistic, (multi)cultural and social aspects of stories and storytelling. Amongst others it is aimed at helping adult immigrants and newcomers develop creativity, communication & foreign language skills in order to build competencies for inclusion.

For two years, the European partners, under the direction of Alden Biesen, cooperated in the research into and the development of a theoretical background and methodology; every participating country collected best practices, set up pilot projects and held study days. The project resulted in a manual and international course material.


Alden Biesen is also a partner in several European projects on the measurement and validation of the results of informal and non-formal learning. These projects are being coordinated by BUPNET in Göttingen, Germany. Many activities in the socio-cultural sector incorporate an element of ‘learning’. Measuring and validating these learning results can be useful both for the organisation and individual participants. It creates an opportunity for the organisation to demonstrate the (added) value of its operation while participants can add their ‘certificate’ to their portfolio and use it as ‘externally acquired competencies’.

The VILMA (Validation of Informal Learning in Mobility Activities) partnership elaborates a validation system for international mobilisation activities as a model for informal learning situations.


Story Regions is a strategic partnership under the wings of Erasmus+ where 5 countries explore the potential of storytelling and storytelling techniques as an instrument of cooperation between various target groups in educational, social and cultural organisations. The project promotes storytelling as a joint approach to intersectoral collaboration.

  Regionforbundet Vasterbottens Lan (SE) – coordinator
  Landcommanderij Alden Biesen (BE)
  Centro Studi Holden (IT)
  Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre (PL)

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