InHerit is a multilateral Grundtvig project on heritage interpretation. Heritage interpretation is a type of non-formal learning presenting its audience with significant data regarding a specific location. The method establishes cognitive and emotional connections between the visitors and what they can discover in a specific location: a nature reserve, a historic site, a museum, etc. It brings to the surface deeper meanings, relations and insights through active experience and illustrative media instead of merely communicating facts.

The InHerit project proposes heritage interpretation as the ideal way of making ‘location-oriented learning’ more interesting and efficient and within the concept of ‘learning regions’, it wants to use heritage (both material and immaterial) as the ideal learning environment for developing competencies.


DARTS - Digital Art and Storytelling for Heritage Audience Development

Enter our international digital art and creative writing competitions!


The DARTS-project, of which Alden Biesen is a partner, is a Creative Europe project overseen by the Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali in Ravello (Italy). 
The project partners are housed in gorgeous historic buildings: Villa Rufolo in Ravello (Italy), the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen (Belgium) and Hunedoara Castle (Romania). Together we want to valorise these three historic sites through digital art and creative writing. The DARTS project aims to collect the stories about all three locations and the people who lived there, and then have them narrated in an innovative and creative way. 
That is why we are organising two international competitions: one for young digital artists, the other for young writers. We want young participants (18-35 y.o.) invent new creative stories and create new works of art using digital tools and traditional creative writing techniques, inspired by history and the characters that lived on the three historic sites.
The entries will be assessed by an international professional jury and the award ceremonies for both competitions are scheduled to take place during two existing international festivals: the Ravello Music Festival in Italy ( and the Storytelling Festival in Belgium ( Especially for this occasion, a new festival will be created in Romania. 




The management of historic sites puts great demands on the organisations responsible. On the one hand it is important to keep the site intact in accordance with historic norms, while on the other hand it is often just as vital to use the available infrastructure to best advantage, including, if possible, lucrative activities. As a result, the managers of these sites must have specific competencies. 
MODI-FY is a strategic partnership under the wings of Erasmus+ with the aim of setting up a training programme for the managers of heritage sites that will enable them to acquire the skills needed to manage their sites in a historically, culturally, socially and economically responsible way.
For this heritage project, Alden Biesen is working with renowned organisations including the Burghauptmannschaft ?sterreich (AT), the National Trust (UK), the Narodny Trust (SK), the Portuguese Presidency Historic Estates (PT), the Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali (IT), etc.


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