Every year an artist or ensemble gets a central role in Alden Biesen. This artist plays an inspiring role in the educational activities and gets a central place during AlbaNova.

In 2018, international multi-instrumentalist, interpreter of traditional singing styles and biologist, Raphaël De Cock will be the first artist in residence of the Music Castle. On the unique location of Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Raphaël will forge new collaborations and bring fascinating creations.

Even before the summer, Raphaël provided concerts and presentations with varying guests. You heard him for the first time at the opening of the English garden. Also the performance 'Halewyn', the story of a medieval superheroine, at AlbaNova Festival was the result of a creation project with young teenage girls, a sand artist, a dancer and musicians with diverse backgrounds. 
He created in Alden Biesen the project ‘O, Caro Lan’ together with Daan Verlaan and Sarah Verhulst. A musical experience full of visual stimuli for little children. With Keltic harp, Irish whistle and chants.
His last project that he created in Alden Biesen together with OSUNA and sand artist Colette Dedyn was ‘Morus.Dut.Sang’. A colorful, musical and tasteful family show about the mulberry tree.  
In 2019, our new Artist in Residence will be Hendrik Vanden Abeele.

Music castle

Music castle

The next two years we are developing a new cultural identity for the site. We will do this with active music education and music participation in a qualitative international context.
Alden Biesen is therefore not only a place where concerts and festivals take place. Creation, performance, training and education with innovative concepts will take place. Here will family audience, free time and music experience find each other.