Lab sessions that cluster the development of working methods around general themes such as embodiment, polyphony, improvisation, etc. In-house tutors and artistic coordinators as well as external experts are involved in the lab. The content is determined on the basis of current topics and issues in Musica’s work. The output is immediately distributed and applied in existing formats. The Arts Education Lab plays a central role in coordinating Musica’s various areas of expertise.

Arts Education Lab 2018

20 – 24 June 2018
Prior to AlbaNova, 11 musicians / educators froms Musica followed an intensive arts education lab for 4 days. This was led by Professor Paulo Rodrigues of Companhia de Musica Teatral from Portugal. In this creation stage they investigated the possibilities of non-verbal communication through movement, sound and the theatrical as indivisible whole. This led to surprising interventions on Sunday during AlbaNova which both visitors and participants enjoyed.

Music castle

Music castle

The next two years we are developing a new cultural identity for the site. We will do this with active music education and music participation in a qualitative international context.
Alden Biesen is therefore not only a place where concerts and festivals take place. Creation, performance, training and education with innovative concepts will take place. Here will family audience, free time and music experience find each other.