A visit to Alden Biesen isn’t complete until you’ve explored the natural beauty on and around the castle estate. So strap on those hiking boots or mount your (rented) bicycle and off you go, with or without a guide. Thanks to the cycle route network, cycling in and around Alden Biesen is enjoyable and safe. The routes run along mostly car-free cycle paths via a unique bicycle junction network.

Would you prefer to take your car or one of our electric carts? That’s also a possibility. Make your choice below and you’ll find all the information you need.

Culture and Nature Castle

Culture and Nature

Alden Biesen caters to both culture and nature lovers. Discover the historic building and gardens and visit an exhibition in the moated castle. Or make the Grand Commandery your point of departure for a hearty walk or a brisk bike ride through the Haspengouw region and the Demer valley. Afterwards you can enjoy one of the many events for which the Grand Commandery sets the stage.


Delve into the eventful history of the Alden Biesen site at the visitor centre in Bilzen thanks to the permanent exhibition on the past and present of the Grand Commandery.

Culture lovers will also enjoy the temporary exhibitions in the moated castle. At the castle, the beautifully restored apartment of the Grand Commander is also open to visitors or you can stroll through the French Garden.