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3D Visit Alden Biesen

Enter the court of honour and walk into the castle via the left side. You walk around the entire castle and soon discover the impressive staircase hall leading you to the first floor. Our Bocholtz room is one of our eye-catchers and has a wide range of possibilities. 

Dive into the past, with the Grand Commander's appartment. You walk into the salon and get a taste of how these rooms looked in the past. These rooms are rarely used for events, but they still give you a unique insight into the history of Alden Biesen.

The Riding School is the largest space Alden Biesen has to offer. With space for more than 250 people, you have a wide range of options. You walk into the foyer, the reception area that can also serve as a smaller reception area. The eye-catcher, however, is the next room, with a retractable stand and stage. The ideal location for larger presentations, shows or performances. Do you prefer a large reception area? Then the grandstand can be hidden and you can accommodate around 300 people.

Opposite the Rijschool, you can find the Tiendschuur. This room has a unique shape with partitions that can divide the space into smaller areas. An ideal location if you want to make use of break-out moments. Of course, the Tiendschuur is also extremely suitable for use as a larger reception room. The high ceiling gives breathing space and creates a unique grand atmosphere for your event.

The Cuvelier is one of our most versatile rooms. On entering, you will notice the openness of this room, thanks to its high ceiling and beamed structure. You have all kinds of audiovisual options here, giving your meeting the look it deserves.

It doesn't all have to be big rooms in Alden Biesen. Small meetings also find their place with us and our Kapelanij is a perfect example of that. Hidden in the forecourt, here you will discover a small space that offers warmth and cosiness. After the meeting, you then of course have the chance to explore our domain.

Alden Biesen has 30 rooms, with a total of 54 beds, for groups organising a multi-day activity at Alden Biesen. This gives participants a unique opportunity to spend the night in the castle's forecourts. Walk into the room and get a taste of our accommodation options.

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